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Kursiasana or Utkatasana
(Chair Pose)

Sitting in a seat may sound extremely simple and agreeable. Be that as it may, sitting in a nonexistent seat may be a bit of testing! What's more, this is actually what we do in Utkatasana or Chair Pose. The exacting significance of Utkatasana is an exceptional stance or ground-breaking stance.

(Utkat=Intense, Powerful; Asana= Posture/Pose; articulated as U-t-kat-asana). Kursiasana

You need only a smidgen of assurance to remain longer in the Chair Posture. Ensure you read the contraindications before you begin.


9 Steps to Chair Pose/Utkatasana 

1. Stand erect with your feet marginally separated.

2. Stretch your hands to the front with palms confronting downwards. Try not to twist your elbows.

3. Bend the knees and delicately drive your pelvis down as though you are sitting in a nonexistent seat.

4. Be agreeable or possibly attempt to be! To improve the feel of the Chair Pose, envision perusing a paper or composing on a workstation as you stay situated.

5. Ensure that you keep your hands parallel to the ground.

6. With mindfulness, sit straight and protract your spine. Unwind.

7. Keep breathing and flip through the pages of the paper, getting a charge out of national and worldwide news. Chair Yoga Pose | Utkatasana Yoga Pose

Sink further into the seat by steadily going down yet guarantee that your knees don't go past your toes.

8. Keep going down gradually and after that plunk down in Sukhasana (leg over leg act). On the off chance that you need, you may rest on your back and unwind.

9.Tip from Sri Yoga master: Smile all through. It will assist you in withholding the stance longer. It is a smart thought to do the Chair Pose after you have completed the various standing yoga stances. You would then be able, to begin with, the sitting yoga stances or the resting yoga stances.

Benefits of Utkatasana / Chair Pose 

1.Exercises the spine, hips and chest muscles

2.Helps fortify the lower back and middle

3.Tones the thigh, lower leg, leg and knee muscles

4.Balances the body and acquires assurance the psyche

Contraindications of the Chair Pose (Utkatasana) 

1. Do not rehearse this yoga act on the off chance that you have unending knee torment, joint inflammation, sprained your lower leg; any knee issue or harmed tendons; cerebral pain or a sleeping disorder (restlessness)Kursiasana.

2. Take extraordinary consideration and continue tenderly with this yoga act during the monthly cycle or on the off chance that you have torment in the lower back.

Kursiasana or Utkatasana
(Chair Pose) 


1. Stand on the floor with an erect spine.

2. Stretch hands to the front with the palm confronting descending.

3. Bend knee forward as though in sitting position on the nonexistent seat.

4. Thighs ought to be almost parallel to the floor and middle opposite to the highest points of the thigh.

5. Be sure that the elbow joint isn't bowing, hands are parallel to ground.

6. Hold the situation for 3o secs to 1 min according to limit.

7.Repeat technique for 5-6 times.

Beginners Tip 

1.In start perform posture upheld by the divider to rear.

2.In starting to keep up a posture, Place arms on square or seat.

3. Stand with feet hip-width separated, it will make increasingly steady.

Releasing Procedure 

1.While inward breath fixes knees.

2. Exhale and discharge arms close to the body and go to a typical position.

Precautions and Contraindications 

1.A migraine


3.High or Low circulatory strain

4.Shoulder, Spine, thigh or hip issues

Benefits of Kursiasana or Utkatasana 

Fortifies and balance out the lower legs, thighs, calves, spine, stomach and lower back muscles Kursiasana.

1. Stimulates the stomach organs, stomach, and heart.

2.Improve the capacity of respiratory, stomach related and circulatory frameworks

3.Opens and extends the chest and shoulders.

4. Improves certainty, feeling of equalization and core interest.

5.Therapeutic for level feet.

Preparatory Poses

Virasana, Kursiasana


Adho Mukha Svanasana, Kursiasana

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